Past Headers

Summer 2011:

Our first header on the Creative Salad site, featuring our then three year old daughter holding home-sewn felt mushrooms and salad greens with real cherry and yellow pear tomatoes.

Fall/Winter 2011:

In the fall we made Persimmon leaf rubbings for our Thanksgiving Gratitude Leaf Rubbings Garland and festive glittery clothespins.

Spring 2012:

That spring we observed a birds nest in the wind chimes on our front porch and were busy with home-school activities such as carving and printing with potato stamps.

Our Current Header:

Fall 2012:

This header features the Leaf Rubbings and Characteristics Game, a favorite fall activity that we turn into our Thanksgiving Gratitude Leaf Rubbings Garland, and a homeschooling lesson on telling time.