A Creative Salad (Felt Salad Project)

For the several weeks I’ve been slowly sewing up a felt salad of mixed greens and baby spinach to add to our play kitchen.

First I traced the leaves (pulled straight from our garden/fridge!), then I matched the colors of the leaves to felt and found embroidery thread to match the leaf veins. I cut out the templates, cut the felt, and sewed up the veins.

I made baby spinach leaves:

Mesclun salad mix:

Felt mushrooms to match:

I sewed two pieces of felt together where you see the brown ridges, then we felt glued the rest of the mushroom together.

She may not be that interested in eating a real mixed greens salad yet, but she’s playing with her felt salad every day.

I figure we’re one step closer to the enjoying real thing and, for now, I’ll take it!

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