More Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

There are so many creative ways to decorate eggs for Spring. First I want to show you some Easter projects from our house, then I’ll share some of my favorite egg decorating ideas from Pinterest.

This year we’ve dyed eggs with natural ingredients:

Dying eggs naturally with ingredients from the kitchen pantry

(Above, the deep red eggs on the left were dyed with red onion skins and cabbage; the egg on the right is immersed in a saffron dye bath.)

We’ve also decoupaged small tissue paper circles to our eggs for a fun color-mixing lesson:

Tissue paper circles decoupage Easter eggs

(Using skewers laid across shallow slits made in a toddler-sized shoe box worked perfectly for securing the eggs and allowing us to decorate the entire egg at once without get our fingers dirty or having to wait for the egg to dry while we worked!)

Last year we decorated oversized paper mache eggs with brightly colored tissue paper:

Here are some other fun ideas from my Spring Holiday Inspiration board on Pinterest:

Featured above:
1. Eggs decorated with edible ink pens (pin/source)
2. No dye Easter eggs (pin/source)
3. Decoupage flowered Easter eggs (pin/source)
4. Dip dyed eggs (pin/source)
5. Silhouette Easter Eggs (pin/source)
6. Washi tape Easter eggs (pin/source)
7. Melted crayon Easter eggs (pin/source)

I am blown away by the creativity out there on the web!

View these and many more Spring holiday crafts and activities on my Spring Holiday Inspiration Pinterest board.

(images obtained via Pinterest)

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  1. Wonderful ideas! I’d love to brainstorm a solution to the “house cluttered with art projects” problem. After enjoying the activity, and admiring the results for a week or two, then what? It’s so hard to get rid of lovingly made items!

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