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  • Weekend Moment

    David has been reading The Hobbit aloud to the kids. (Despite the incredibly violent movie adaptations, the book is written for children.) Our daughter is LOVING the story and now all imaginative play involves hobbits, wizards, and dwarves. Daddy is in heaven! [ try viagra for free | how long does viagra last | cialis […]

  • Life
  • Psst! I’m Posting More Over There

    I’ve found that quick status updates take a moment, while blog posts take me a while. (Especially recently with my laptop’s hard drive on the fritz.) As a result I’ve been posting more on Facebook and less here on my site, particularly since we started “officially” homeschooling. That makes me a little sad. I’m going […]

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  • Simple Hanukkah Crafts

    Hanukkah falls early this year, starting on Thanksgiving (and the day I met my husband eleven years ago!). Suddenly that’s less than a week away. Over the years we’ve done some fun kids Hanukkah projects including: A quick and easy no-sew felt menorah, Simple menorah decorating project with items from the pantry that our toddler […]

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  • Heading into November

    Hello, mid-November. Where did you come from?! The last few weeks has been a whirlwind of visits with family and friends. David’s mom came to help us while he had knee surgery (which went well and he headed back to his daily yoga practice two weeks post-op). Each visit was wonderful, although I admit that […]

  • Holidays
  • Happy Halloween

    Our caterpillar and Monarch butterfly wish you a Happy Halloween! We had such fun celebrating with friends! Hope you had a wonderful day too. [ viagra how it works | cheap viagra 50mg | when do i use cialis | canada viagra pharmacies scam | viagra in canada | cialis soft tabs 100 mg | […]