And Then Life Got Really Busy and I Forgot to Blog

Well, I haven’t really forgotten. Let’s just say blogging is that item at the top of my to do list that I haven’t gotten to recently.

Since I last blogged BACK IN APRIL, our daughter finished her first year of kindergarten:

Last day of kindergarten

We embarked on an epic road trip to New Mexico so our daughter could attend mural camp (where Gramma is the program director) and we could visit family:

Family photo
Mural camp
Mural camp
Mural camp with Gramma
City of Rocks
City of Rocks
Cousins by a petroglyph at City of Rocks
Family at the City of Rocks

Then there’s the awesome everyday stuff: ballet and swim classes, mama-daughter ice skating dates every weekend (since December!), beach trips and pool parties, park outings, bike rides, and daily walks after dinner.

Teaching her brother about jumping off park benches

Oh, and we finally got around to night-weaning the toddler. (At 30+ pounds now, we figured mama getting sleep was more important than him continuing to eat every hour, all night long.) I’m feeling soooo much more energized now that he’s just breastfeeding every hour during the day. (Really.)

Breastfeeding at City of Rocks

Hence the blog post.

May this trend continue…

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