Everyday Learning | 3: Leaves and Seeds

Goodness, we are loving homeschooling. This makes for a nice change from the first week of the school year when I panicked, as I enviously watched my friends suddenly have their mornings free when their kids headed off to school. After I quietly (and quickly!) mourned my lack of down time and reminded myself why we are doing this, we instantly found our homeschooling rhythm. We’re all having so much fun.

We’ve been busy…

Everyday Learning: Characterizing Leaves and Writing a Field Guide
learning the scientific terminology to describe, categorize, and identify leaves while writing a tree field guide,

Everyday Learning: Math Art Money Project
using fun art projects to reinforce math concepts, such as this money and fractions activity from Math Art: Hands-On Math Activities,

Everyday Learning: Scooping Seeds from a Blue Hubbard Squash
saving seeds from everything we eat,

Everyday Learning: Playing Tree Leaf Bingo
Everyday Learning: Playing Tree Leaf Bingo
and playing leaf bingo to practice recognizing common leaves (available to download for free here).

Over the last few weeks my favorite parts of each and every day are those quiet just-us moments. When the baby naps, big sister and I rush to the kitchen table to get some time alone together, to tackle coursework, before he wakes and my attention becomes divided. Yes, we learn all day, but I treasure the one-on-one time with my five year old.

I feel so thankful that I get to spend every day with her.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Learning | 3: Leaves and Seeds”

  1. Yes, she is so fun to be with! And curious and interested in so many things. Learning for Miss L is an exciting adventure! Bravo Mom — what a great teacher!

  2. I am again, so very inspired by what you do with your lovely littles. This post, in particular, resonated with me. I would love to keep my girl at home, and teach her creatively and lovingly. Food for though for sure. I need to pick your brain some more about what kind of homeschooling resources you have. xoxo

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