C is for Creative Salad + Giveaway!

Our family loves arts and craft projects.
We adore paper dolls (a longstanding obsession).
We have a new toy in the house, a tablet, that’s itching to be read on.
One of my favorite daily reads is my friend Brenda Ponnay’s heartfelt and incredibly creative website, Secret Agent Josephine.

Today’s post combines all of these loves!

Welcome to stop number three C on the Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour!

Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Paper Dolls and Giveaway

Brenda has written three beautifully illustrated and playful picture books, Secret Agent Josephine’s ABC’s, Secret Agent Josephine’s Colors, and Secret Agent Josephine’s Numbers, available as paperbacks and ebooks (just $2.99 each!) perfect for downloading to a laptop, smart phone, tablet or iPad:

Our three-year old daughter adored all of these books! She giggled and smiled and laughed her way through each of them (and felt particularly proud of herself for being able to “turn” the pages on the tablet too). I was particularly charmed by the incredibly creative and beautifully illustrated secret agent gear throughout the Secret Agent Josephine’s Numbers book, my personal favorite of the trio.

Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Paper Dolls and Giveaway

To promote these three books, 26 different blogs are sharing crafts, interviews with Brenda, book reviews, and poster giveaways. The tour began on Monday and continues through mid-December. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit all these blogs and collect clues along the way.

Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Paper Dolls and Giveaway

Today, C is for Creative Salad!

Your assignment for today is to complete a Top Secret Craft. Please cut out and dress Secret Agent Josephine for her next mission!

(A huge thank you to Brenda for this playful, sassy and super fun paper doll!)

Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Paper Dolls and Giveaway
Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Paper Dolls and Giveaway

Download your own printable Secret Agent Josephine paper doll to cut out and dress up here!

Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Paper Dolls and Giveaway
Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Paper Dolls and Giveaway

In true Creative Salad fashion, we decided to expand upon the craft and transform our Stealth Secret Agent into a magnetic paper doll!

We printed out our Top Secret Craft PDF onto magnetic paper. We cut the tabs off relying on the magnets to hold the clothes on the paper doll’s body.

Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Paper Dolls and Giveaway
Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Paper Dolls and Giveaway

Oh, we’ve been having such fun dressing our favorite Secret Agent!

Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Paper Dolls and Giveaway


In honor of her book release, Brenda has graciously offered us a letter C print (from her book) to give to you! Please leave a comment below to be entered to win a print. I’ll pick a winner on December 1st 15th and then notify them via email.

We’ve so enjoyed participating on this book tour! Thank you to Brenda for including us and providing us with such a special craft and generous giveaway! xoxo

Now, go buy your copies of these affordable and fun books!

Amazon Kindle eBooks for smart phones, computers, laptops, and tablets, plus paperbacks: ABC’s, Colors, and Numbers.

Nook eBooks: ABC’sicon, Colorsicon, and Numbersicon.

iBooks for iPads/iPods: ABC’s, Colors, and Numbers.

Click here to download the Amazon Kindle apps.
Click hereicon to download the Barnes & Noble Nook apps.

For the next stop on the tour, visit Brenda’s website.

p.s. For those of you searching for clues, the words you’re looking for are hidden in a photo in this post. Good luck!

Updated 12/20: Congratulations to Kristen on winning the giveaway! I’ll email you asap.

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  1. The magnet idea is brilliant!

  2. Secret Agent Josephine’s books are so cute. And the paper doll idea was genius!

  3. Becca Mayernik says:

    What a cute set of books! The paper dolls are really great too, and magnets make it that much more fun. My sister’s name begins with C, so fingers crossed, and thanks for the nice giveaway too…

  4. Melissa says:

    Darling! I’ll be checking the store for the paperbacks for sure!

  5. Laura says:

    I love when fun activities turn into fashion-related ventures!

  6. Robin says:

    Sneaky spy way to hide the phrase :) I like the idea of printing on magnetic paper – so much easier than paper with tabs.

  7. Esperanza says:

    So cute! I don’t think my son would be too into paper dolls (he ignores the melissa and doug ones we have), but my nieces would love this.

  8. Becca says:

    Magnetic paper!! BRILLIANT!!

    Must find me some!!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    SAJ is fantastic. I love your take on the craft project, using magnetic paper!

  10. Kristen says:

    Ooo, magnetic paper! I didn’t know that existed. What fun!

  11. KLG says:

    Love the magnetic dolls! Can’t wait to go home and print them out.

  12. Janet -in Nebraska says:

    Clever – is my “c” word for the SAJ’s paper doll and apparel on magnet paper ~ thanks SAJ and The Creative Salad for your “creative” talents!!

  13. Emily says:

    What a great paper doll project, must add to my ‘to do’ list

  14. Annabet says:

    Love the sassy paper dolls!

  15. MargieK says:

    Thank-you for the hint. I’m clueless as to what these “secret sentences” might be, so may end up re-reading each post numerous times (at least until I catch on).

    I ordered the books yesterday (a set for my nephews and a set for my grandson). Can’t wait to get my hands on them! <3

  16. Becky says:

    As a little girl will be arriving in the world in a month or so with the same name as this secret agent, you better believe we will be investing in these books!

  17. Amy says:

    Those paper dolls are really cute.

  18. TeenaGreena says:

    So cute! I miss you!

  19. bouncy says:

    What a great idea with the magnetic paper!

  20. Liz says:

    I love the magnetic paper idea, so much better than the tabs, which always seem to get ripped off after the first day.

  21. Sally Hackney says:

    I love the magnetic paper!

  22. Dorothee says:

    The magnet paper really is brilliant! Love all your pictures!

  23. Aspenroad says:

    I love the magnetic paper for this craft, I am going to give it a try with my grand-daughter!

  24. Jenn S says:

    what an awesome craft! *fingers crossed*

  25. ioi says:

    this craft was a hit here! I love your magnetic paper idea – we definitely need to try that.

  26. kim says:

    Great review. I’m going to make the paper dolls with my daughter today.

    Brenda is so talented! We love all three of her books!

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