Getting Back on the Wagon

I can make all sorts of excuses.

I sprained my ankle.
I don’t have time to cook everything from scratch.
I deserve to have a margarita and a chocolate bar tonight. And tomorrow night too.

It won’t really make a difference, will it?!

Evidently those little changes really add up because I’ve gained five pounds this month. I’m not surprised, just disappointed that I gained so much so easily and will now have to work so hard to lose that weight.

So it’s time for me to refocus and regroup.
To move more and eat well.

Out on a run

To set an example for my daughter about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
No more sneaking treats after she goes to bed.
Because even if she doesn’t see me eat it, she sees me working hard to undo those actions.

I know I can do better.
Today is a new day and I am worth it.

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