Poppy Seed Pods

Poppies grow rampant here in Northern California. We see the orange, California-native poppies bloom throughout the spring and summer, along roadsides and in fields. Reseeding themselves, they come up year after year.

California Poppies at Cornerstone in Sonoma California

Recently we’ve also spotted the larger, more spectacular, non-native Papaver poppy:

Papaver Poppies
Toddler inspecting Papaver Poppies

Our neighbor Sarah saved us some seed pods from her purple-colored Papaver poppies:

Poppy seed pod

When you shake them, you hear the poppy seeds jingle around inside.

Be careful though! They easily spill out of these holes in the side of the pod. A simple, elegant way to distribute seeds, relying on wind or animals to shake the pods.

Papaver Poppies

We’re excited to sew them in our garden! Thank you, Sarah!

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  1. Mom says:

    Love the sweet song!! Love the jazz riffs and the jazz scat Miss Leyba smoothly adds!! Love that girl!!

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