Ornament Roundup

Another post in our First on Friday series where we share a new activity from the week season.

We’re not quite finished decorating the tree, but will we every be? I am starting to think the answer is no. We could always sew more, dehydrate more, craft more.

I look forward to many more years of ornament making. We’ve had such a wonderful time decorating our first full-sized holiday tree. This experience has bought us such joy and peace.

More pictures, instructions and inspiration for our ornaments:
+ Bird ornaments (from Skip to my Lou)
+ Beaded wreath ornaments
+ Felted stars, wooden stars, and felt hearts

+ Dehydrated orange slices (try dehydrating ruby red grapefruit for a beautiful pink color!)

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  1. Tree looks so pretty! Just spent an enjoyable morning reading the blog “Chickens in the Road” from your orange slices link above! What a great find! Added Suzanne to my RSS feeds! Thx! Perhaps a list in your side bar at some point of your favorite blogs that you follow??

  2. absolutley gorgeous!! makes me really wish i had a tree at my house… blast!

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