Handmade Ornaments Preview

In the eight years that David and I have been together, we’ve never had our own full-grown Christmas tree. Now that our daughter is almost three, we decided that this would be the year. We want to start laying the foundation for more Spritzer Leyba family holiday traditions, starting with this one.

I have this idea in my head that all of the ornaments on our tree will be handmade. It seemed like such an innocent idea: a handmade holiday focusing on the process and tradition rather than the commercialization of the holidays.

Then I did a mental calculation as to how many ornaments we’d need and, while I may in fact be over my head, I am completely positive and excited about this project. Giddy, even. We’re having such fun working on our ornaments.

Some of the ornaments will be quite easy: dried orange slices (shown here on our mini tree last year), paper chains, and popcorn garlands.

Other decorations are more labor intensive.

We’ve been hard at work cutting, sewing, gluing, painting, coloring, sequent and glittering ornaments.

Several are done and many, many more are on the way!

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  1. oh my gosh, you will have the most amazing tree ever. i still use about 25 origami “ornaments” i made for our tree the year my roommate and i lived in france and got a tiny charlie brown style tree, and they’re still some of my favorite ones to use.

  2. My favorite ornament is a felt snowman I made in kindergarten (stuffed with cotton balls so he’s puffy)! Btw, I’m interested in how you’re sewing the purple star — how are you doing the “outline” stitches around the edge? It looks fantastic!